Grease (1978 film) 🌎 Cast Then and Now 2019

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Grease (1978 film) Cast Then and Now 2019

Grease is a 1978 American musical romantic comedy film starring:

John Travolta as Danny
Olivia Newton John as Sandy
Stockard Channing as Rizzo
Jeff Conaway as Kenickie
Barry Pearl as Doody
Michael Tucci as Sonny
Kelly Ward as Putzie
Didi Conn as Frenchie
Jamie Donnelly as Jan
Dinah Manoff as Marty
Eve Arden as Principal McGee
Frankie Avalon as Teen Angel
Joan Blondell as Vi
Ed Byrnes as Vince Fontaine
Sid Caesar as Coach Calhoun
Alice Ghostley as Mrs. Murdock
Dody Goodman as Blanche
Susan Buckner as Patty Simcox
Lorenzo Lamas as Tom Chisum
Eddie Deezen as Eugene
Ellen Travolta as Waitress
Annette Charles as Cha Cha

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